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Dutch Quality Drugs INC. aka DQD Inc is a reputable dark-net vendor that has been around for years. Since 2013, back when Black Гидра ссылка Reloaded, DQD Inc started becoming reputable. After a 2 Year break, Dutch Quality Drugs INC decided to make a return. Since their comeback in October 2019, the DQD team has experienced 3 exit scams. With all the trust-issues surrounding the dark-net, the simplest solution for a vendor is to launch a store. That is exactly what DQD Inc decided to do, launching their own vendor shop in Август 2020.

Design & Features

The design of DQD Inc is very unique. It is themed after fear and loathing in Las Vegas, and looks very hipster-ish. The Сайт гидра интерфейс of the site is a bit unusual but is simple to use and easy to navigate. This vendor shop accepts more cryptocurrencies than most Hydra. Bitcoin, Monero and Litecoin are all accepted. No wallet can be found on the Гидра ссылка, transactions are made after placing an order. PGP can be used for 2FA and message encryption.

Dutch Quality Drugs Homepage


Dutch Quality Drugs is a dark-net vendor that specializes on all drugs. With experience since 2013, most people should feel comfortable buying from this vendor. After experiencing 3 exit scams since their DQD's return in October last year, the team decided to launch its own store.

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